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Our Company Values


Knowing Your Values…

Company values are what form office culture, reputation and recognition. Employees want to work in friendly, welcoming and well looked after office environments with lots of benefits. Employees want to be shown appreciation for all of their hard work and this is what makes them enjoy going to work everyday. This is where company values come into practice.

Recent research from HR Review shows that employees care more about being happy at work than having a good salary. 80% of employees said that feeling appreciated is important to their happiness and health. The happiest sectors to work in are within construction, manufacturing, media, communications, hospitality and leisure.

Busy Bee Recruitment’s Company Values:

  • Honesty
  • Reputation
  • Discipline
  • Community
  • Helping others
  • Experts
  • Challenge
  • Integrity

At Busy Bee Recruitment we thrive off being hard workers, helping others, being honest and doing everything with integrity. We certainly know our values and we live by these everyday. We believe in “treating people the way that you would like to be treated” this allows us to build candidates a better future and find them their dream careers and also find our clients their dream candidates!

We have recently enforced “Busy Bee’s Wheel of Fortune” and Flexible Working Hours into the office. The Wheel of Fortune allows our team to spin the wheel for any placements that they have made. Our Consultants have so far won prizes such as, Spa Days, a Takeaway for them and their family, a bottle of Wine and also an early finish on a Friday. Other funny prizes include, fancy dress, wear your PJ’s to work day, having to make drinks for the team and doing the washing up.

Flexible working hours allows the team to have time to do the things that they enjoy most. For example, going to the gym, spending time with family, taking their dogs for a walk and also attending any appointments if needed. We believe that giving your employees flexibility allows them to be more happy and productive in the workplace and it gives them a better work-life balance.

How To Find Your Company Values…

First of all you need to call a team meeting! Print off a number of core values and choose between 10 and simply narrow the values down by discussing what is important to the company. You can also establish your values by getting your employees to identify what their personal values are, that could be inside or outside of work.

Once you have identified your values you will then need to give examples of how you use them and how you put them into practice. For example one of our key values is “experts”, this is because we are all experts in our field and we know what our clients and candidates are looking for.

After you have identified all of your values you will then need to get all of your employees to put them into practice. If they already do then great, your work here is done! If not, maybe sit down with them and discuss why team values are so important.

You could also get all of your values printed on a wall for all to see or simply shout about it all over social media! Eventually everyone will know your values and you will have an excellent reputation to live by!

If you are looking for a reputable recruitment agency then call our experts on 01353 880253 or click here for more info!

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