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How to make your temp job permanent


You’ve gone into temp work to learn something new and decided that you would actually like to become a permanent staff member at the workplace! Want to know how? Read below:

Go above and beyond:

If you are hoping to stay longer in your temp job then staying comfortable in your job role isn’t going to help you in the long run. Once you become confident with your job responsibilities try using your initiative to find some work that is out of your job description and comfort zone. Step up and do something that isn’t expected of you. You could try reaching out to colleagues and see if they need help, offer to make drinks for the team or even stay late to complete tasks.

Be a team player:

Being a team player is very important in the workplace. It shows that you are able to work in a team and help others. Here are a few team player traits that you should go by if you are wanting to be a permanent member of staff:

  • Listen and communicate
  • Help and support others
  • Show commitment
  • Be reliable and responsible
  • Show respect
  • Get involved
  • Help solve problems


Most people only apply for temp jobs just to get their foot through the door to help lead them to bigger opportunities OR some even take a temp job to work at their dream company. If you have chosen your temp job opportunity because it is your dream place of work then maybe you should try expressing this around the workplace or even to your manager. Express your enthusiasm to how much you’d love to work there permanently. Don’t be afraid to ask directly about your temp job situation and if it is going somewhere.

If your temp job doesn’t go permanent always ask for feedback and how you could improve.

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