Tips for hiring administration staff


How to attract talented administration staff to your job vacancy

Finding top-notch administrative staff helps keep business running smoothly. Perhaps not surprisingly, administrative roles can include a variety of key responsibilities. These include managing diaries, screening calls, scheduling meetings, producing data reports and assisting with coordinating projects, just to name a few.

So, how do you find the best talent for these roles? Here are Busy Bee’s top tips.

Enticing job description

The job description might seem like the most obvious to start with, but it’s the most important! If you’re looking to attract quality candidates with the relevant skill set and expertise, the focus doesn’t just need to be on key requirements. Add some excitement about the company, the future of where the role could lead. Remain competitive at attracting only the top talent by listing company perks, what makes the company and role different, alongside adding details relevant to the role.

Money, money, money…

There’s no way around the fact that salary plays a massive part in whether top quality candidates apply or not. Keep up to date about local salaries within the area. For example, data has found Cambridge is one of the top ten highest earning places in the United Kingdom. Benchmark the salary according to offerings for similar roles advertised within the area.

Not only that, higher qualified and experience Administrators will expect higher salaries. Whereas, a candidate starting their career within a supporting Administrative role would be lower. If you are open to applications from all levels, it can be useful to provide a salary bracket, i.e £20,000-£24,000 per annum.

Ensure you are getting valuable applications. Advertise an attractive salary in accordance with the role requirements and location.

Get personal, meet local candidates

Find great local talent in a number of ways including local career exhibitions, recruitment fairs, agency open days. This can be a great way to meet candidates prior to even receiving a CV. This can be a refreshing way to add to your usual hiring process, and if you are looking for local talent this is certainly the way to go.

Furthermore, if you have the plans for larger expansion within the company, not only Administration, consider having a career’s open day at the head office. This will attract candidates that actually want to work for you company, and allows to see them within the office setting prior to even offering an interview!

Efficient interviewing process

The interview process is a great time to really find out how capable the candidate would be within the role. Ways to do so may include, asking thought-provoking questions such as dealing with an urgent matter to judge problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, by including practical assessments as part of the interview process will allow you to see the candidates skills in a different environment from the meeting room. This can also give a clearer idea of the candidate’s ability to work under pressure. 

Looking to hire admin support for your business?

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