Well-being In the Workplace Initiatives


Workplace initiatives to improve your employees’ well-being

There’s a surge in positive attitudes about well-being in the workplace as shown from a recent Busy Bee twitter poll. And as a company, we take pride in offering workplace initiatives to increase employee morale and motivation. Also, it is important to repay your employees!

Here is a couple of well-being in the workplace initiatives that you can start today:

Flexible working hours

As mentioned above, we recently held a Twitter poll over at @busy_recruit, asking our followers ‘What do you see as well-being in the workplace?’. Flexible working hours came out on top with 60% of the overall votes. Hard-working employees and those who put in extra hours deserve the opportunity to get some time given back. Flexible working hours is a great bonus to employees, improving morale alongside motivation. Here at Busy Bee, we offer Well-being Wednesday’s, our team have the opportunity to start later or leave earlier.

Offer one-day remote working a week

There are lots of reasons why remote working is beneficial for your staff and company. Remote workers cost less and have opportunities to be just as productive within their home environment. Our Twitter poll showed 27% of voters viewing this as well-being in the workplace. Alongside the associated cost benefits to remote workers, it will create a level of trust between yourself and the employee. That in itself will boost their morale and motivation to work harder.

Order lunch for the office

Not necessarily on a weekly basis, especially if you have a large staff number, but it can be a great way to bring your team together. If you have a tight budget, consider bringing in treats to the office, such as cakes, sweets for everyone. Small gestures like this will be appreciated by employees.

Inspirational quote of the day

Lastly, it can be as simple as emailing an inspirational quote to everyone, this will set them up with a positive outlook for their working day. Consider your employee’s emotional wellbeing within the work environment and how you can help them de-stress, and create a positive workplace they will enjoy.

For more tips about how to create a happy workplace, click here.

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