Tips to make the most of your temp job


How to make the most of your temporary job

Temp work is a great way to learn new skills, whether you’re between jobs or temporary work is your preference! As recruiter’s we encourage our temps to make the most of the opportunities given, it is a great chance to build your CV with new experiences and skills you’ve learned.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your temp job:

Match with your career and goals

It is important when considering temporary jobs to not just jump at any opportunity. It is important when temping to consider if the job will match with your career and goals, don’t treat it as just a paycheck. Apply for roles that can support your longer-term goals, it’s a great opportunity to build on your CV and experience.

Also consider, signing up to local temporary recruitment agencies. This way, recruiter’s can do the work for you and find the most suited temp roles to your skills and experience on your behalf.

Treat it as a permanent position

It goes without saying, but every temporary job should be treated as you would a permanent position. Especially if there is a potential offer for permanent employment at the end of the contract. Each temp assignment provides you with the opportunity to prove your commitment and willingness to go the extra mile.

In our experience, individuals who approach the temporary jobs with commitment and enthusiasm get fantastic references back from clients. In some instances, our clients have created a permanent position for temps who have really impressed.

Develop new skills

Temporary work will provide you with opportunities to learn great new skills to take away with you. Whether it is learning a new CRM system or new design software, temp work is varied according to the line of you’re within. It keeps you learning new skills which will only strengthen your profile and CV for future roles.

Note down your achievements

Besides the skills and experience, you have gained, make note of your achievements. If you are hired for a project-based temporary assignment, consider the contribution you made and what you achieved. Alternatively, if you have a temp role due to seasonal demand, consider what you achieved during this time and how you make a difference.

Networking opportunity

A great chance to grow your network! Get to know your colleagues, work hard, have a positive attitude. Even if they don’t hire you permanently, the people you meet within the company could introduce you to other contacts and opportunities. Using professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, can be a good way to keep those you meet during your time temping within your network.

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