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Tips for a better work-life balance


4 tips on how to have a better work-life balance…

Do the words “I don’t have enough time” ever come to mind? Ever wondered how you will get enough time?

Having a good work-life balance is key to keeping yourself happy and accomplishing tasks. To be happy you need to make sure you have time to do the activities that you enjoy, weather that be doing house work, spending time with friends and family or going to the gym. Research from the Mental Health Foundation tells us that one in six of us will experience a mental health problem in any given week.

Here’s our tips on how to have a better work-life balance:

Don’t bring work home

If you have lots of work to do, just remember to set yourself a deadline to finish this. You should never take your work home with you as this never gives you time to relax or time to forget. You will forget what is important, set your priorities straight and give yourself a rest. Work needs to be done at work. Keep track of your working hours and leave on time. Longer hours lead to longer unhappiness.

Work smarter

Try to work smarter and not harder. You can do this by making larger tasks much smaller, cut out the jargon and just get on with it. Set yourself daily deadlines and concentrate on the more important tasks, try not to get caught up on less productive tasks (they can wait). You will eventually get yourself into a routine and by Friday you would have finished all of your tasks ready to have a relaxing weekend.

Learn to say no

If you have the feeling that you are about to burst just remember it is okay to say no. Don’t feel like you have to accomplish every task that is thrown your way, just sit back, take a deep breath and ask for some help. Don’t ever feel scared to say no, it’s better to be honest than taking on a heavy work-load and trying to accomplish it all at once. 

Listen to your body

Having a poor work-life balance is what makes you have negative well-being and physical health. You may have heard this numerous times but exercise really does help! Get yourself to the gym before or after work. Recent studies from HelpGuide show that exercise is the main benefit to improve mental/physical health, it is a natural healing remedy. If you have had a long stressful day then going to the gym can help you release all of this negative energy. 

Get active and incorporate exercise 

Groomandstyle.com are on a mission to help people get active and incorporate exercise into their busy schedules. We know it can be hard to make time for the gym so we set out to create the best resource on non-gym alternatives. To read more about their in-depth, comprehensive guide on getting active click here.

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