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Hooray! You’ve bagged yourself an interview – this is excellent news! For many people though, this is also when the panic starts to set in. Questions will start bouncing round your brain and you’ll frantically search for answers to: what should I wear? Who will I meet? Where are they based? What will they ask me? At Busy Bee, we know the key to a stress-free interview is preparation.


Interview tips for jobseekers

We have put together some of our top interview tips to guide you through the process and see you on the way to securing your dream job.

Interview date and time

Make a note in your calendar of the interviews date and time, research the location and even do a trial run of the journey. I guarantee this will settle your nerves on the day and save you getting lost or stuck in expected traffic.

Research interviewer

Establish who will be interviewing you and research them on LinkedIn prior to meeting. Invite them to connect, but don’t be alarmed if they don’t accept, the fact that you’ve made the effort will speak volumes.

Plan your outfit

Plan your outfit in advance and lay it out the night before. Get everything ironed and in order and be sure to clean your shoes – employers always look at your shoes!

Read the job description

Read the job description carefully and make notes of the skills you have that are relevant to this particular role. Try to prepare three key things that will demonstrate your experience to the employer.

Know your CV

Know your CV from top to bottom to be sure you can answer any question you may be asked about your previous roles. You can’t answer confidently if you aren’t sure of the details – this is why being factual is so important!

Research the company

Make sure you have looked at their website, understand what products or services they specialise in and how this would relate to the role you’re applying for. Follow their social media pages and pay attention to their latest news, announcements or blogs.


When you get to the interview it can be easy to let your nerves distract you. Instead, listen carefully to the interviewer’s questions so you can answer in the most informed manner, saving your own questions until the end unless they invite you to ask them.

Pay attention to your body language

It’s important to remember not to fold your arms, as this can make you seem standoffish. Don’t fiddle with your clothes or slump in your chair. Sit up straight and if you’re nervous, our secret weapon is to hold the tops of your knees – it stops the shakes and looks professional!

Be passionate

Show the employer you want the job by demonstrating your enthusiasm. Use positive words and smile and they will be sure to remember you for your keen and engaged demeanour.

Shake hands

When leaving your interview, offer a firm hand shake, make eye contact and thank them for their time. Confirm your interest in the position and leave them with a positive impression.

If interviews still seem scary, get in touch! We are happy to provide face to face interview tips and guidance at a time that suits you, to make sure you are ready to win that role!

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