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How to attract temporary workers…


How do I attract temporary workers to my business?

Businesses hire a member of staff on a temporary basis for the following reasons: maternity cover, staff sickness, skills shortage, seasonal demands or additionally to get to know someone on a temporary basis before permanent employment.

Here’s a few tips on how to attract temporary workers to your business:

Fair pay:

Fair pay is a legal requirement and has to be enforced in the workplace. Paying fair pay rates will attract more candidates to your business. When a candidate is offered a fair pay rate this makes them feel appreciated, motivated and more productive. When you offer pay good rates it can increase your turnover – especially for temporary workers . If you have busy summer/winter periods and require up to 100 temps then you have more of a chance of filling those contracts if you offer out attractive pay rates.

Supportive working environment:

This is what makes your company grow and it gives your company a good reputation. The main aim is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, respects each-other and has access to the same benefits and rewards. Having a supportive working environment prevents negativity and conflict. Your employees will feel secure, comfortable and can talk to you about anything. For short-term contracts this is key as you always want temporary workers to come back to you.

Opportunity to gain more skills, experience and knowledge:

Offering temporary workers the chance to gain a new skill is a great attraction to your business. This enables temporary workers to get their foot through the door of their dream careers. It will enable them to come out of their comfort zones and work to the best of their ability. Different companies use different software’s and systems, all of which you will need to train new staff on if they take on a temp role.

Opportunity for long term employment:

Offering a temporary role with the opportunity to go permanent at the end means you can try before you hire. If the employee impresses you within the time they are temping, you have the opportunity to offer permanent employment at the end of their contract. Therefore this saves you going through a lengthy recruitment and training process and potentially making a bad hire. If the temp has worked for you before and they are back from university then there is potential that they will work for you again on a seasonal basis.

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If you are recruiting for temporary staff or have a busy season coming up then contact our Temporaries Consultant, Fausta Linkeviciute via LinkedIn, email or phone – 01353 880253.

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